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The redesigned website of Freedom High School Alumni Group of Freedom, Pennsylvania is NEW and ONLINE!!! Our staff has worked to make the website more friendly, technically "up-to-date", and chock full of new features and information. So you'll want to make sure you keep coming back.

The ultimate plan is to help our Freedom High School Alumni become more "connected" to their friends and classmates. Through a NEW "On-Line" registration process, and the use of available NEW calendars, we're working to notify our classmates of monthly luncheons, reunions and just plain becoming reacquainted. We expect this new registration process, with our "class specific" calendars and agenda, to assist our Alumni in their planning and organizing of classmate activities.

But we've kept (and expanded) our historical aspect of the site to allow newcomers and the younger generations to know what Freedom, PA was like in the "Olde Days", and allow us to continue our heritage of being a pivitol town in the Beaver County of Western Pennsylvania.

A quick note about navigating our Freedom High School Alumni website...

With the new fangled "sliders" and "scrollers", a lot of visual automation will occur in the background. But an important factor for you to know and remember is "GENERAL SITE NAVIGATION". The vast majority of the navigation through the website is by way of the NAVIGATION bar at the TOP of every page of the site. Some pages will have "hyperlinks" to take you to a different page, but primarily, the navigation bar is the key. It's a horizontal bar from which you can reach any page in the site. And the important thing is... the bar is ALWAYS THERE!!! When you first access a page, you'll see the bar at the top and just to the right of center. It will have the names of page groupings and in many cases, those groups will have sub-groups too. Now, if you "scroll" down on that page that you've accessed, the navigation bar DOES NOT disappear!!! It simply moves from the right of center to the absolute top-left of the page and lines up with the left corner. All of the functions are there, the bar has simply moved "out of the way" of page content. Once you've finished looking at that page, simply access the navigation bar (from anyplace on the page) and select a different page to view. You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and having the bar there at all times is really convenient. To check it out right now... just look up at the left corner of the page. See the navigation bar? It's there, waiting for you!

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Welcome to the Freedom, PA High School Alumni Group website... www.freedomalumni.net

Serve With Honor~Love Without Limits~Trust Without Question

This website has been put together, specifically, for the Alumni, Teachers and Classmates of the Freedom High School of Freedom, Pennsylvania. It's main purpose is to dispense historical information to the public and our visitors, pertinent classmate information, post graduate activities, and continuing information concerning reunions, monthly luncheons and general Alumni specific data.

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One of the new features of the website redesign, is the fact that we can add information to the new calendars.

A number of our Alumni classes hold monthly luncheons and we're doing our best to add these recurring activities to the new calendar. So if your class has a "happening" that you'd like to have us add to the calendar for your classmates to see, simply click this article and access the Contact Us page. Fill out the form with the appropriate data, and we'll see to it that it gets posted on the website.

Written by Denver Weigel on May 10, 2017.

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